10 Reasons You’ll LOVE Our New Sprouted Sourdough!

10 Reasons You’ll LOVE Our New Sprouted Sourdough!

  1. There is no added gluten!

 We have yet to find a sprouted bread that does not have gluten added. So many people have asked why don’t you make a sprouted bread? The answer was always, “Because it has so much added gluten.” We will not use added gluten in any of our bread at all! Too much of anything concentrated isn’t good for you! How can your body digest concentrated Gluten without all the needed components to digest the wheat properly? After so many years, it is now here! Sprouted Bread without added gluten!!

  1. It is REAL Sourdough!

YES! That’s right! NO added yeast. We use only the sourdough culture to make our real sourdough bread and that is just how the Sprouted Sourdough is made too! Check out our great blog articles on the important benefits of real sourdough!

  1. All Sprouted!

Just Sprouted Wheat and Nothing Else!

  1. No Fillers, Binders, Dough Conditioners

Like the rest of our baked goods, there is nothing extra added to make this wonderful bread!

  1. Just A Few Simple Ingredients!

Keep it simple & Delicious! Only 5 ingredients make up this delicious bread!

  1. 0 Grams of Fat

Yes, that’s right! NO Oils & NO Fats!

  1. 0 Grams of Sugar

Even Better! No Sugar!  

  1. It’s Certified Organic

YES Just like our whole bakery! Our Sprouted Sourdough is also Certified Organic!

  1. Free of 7 of the 8 top allergens!

Just like our whole bakery, our Sprouted Sourdough is free of Dairy, Eggs, Soy, Nuts, Sesame, & Poppy.

  1. The most delicious sprouted bread!

We believe this is the best tasting sprouted bread you will find. 😊

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