10 Reasons You’ll LOVE Our Real Food Protein Bars!

* Naturally Delicious! You’ll Be Shocked At the FEW Ingredients!!

Yes, we don’t need a whole list of ingredients including some you can’t pronounce! Our protein bars are made from a few REAL ingredients – only those our family eats!


This is one of our biggest points we stand on! Our family will not compromise on being Certified Organic. The minimum requirements for our family’s food choices is Organic and Non GMO!

* 10-12 G Wholesome Protein!

This is a lot of digestible protein and it’s only from real whole food sources, no junk or fillers!!

* 7 G Naturally Occurring Fiber!

Fiber is SO important for our diet, but we don’t need synthetic fibers! Foods with naturally occurring fiber can be digested SO much better and your body can use all that good fiber!! 

* No Processed Proteins!! Made With Hemp!

Protein isolates and pea protein is everywhere! We choose Hemp! There’s so much nutrition in it and it is naturally high in protein and fiber!

* Made with Nutrient Dense Dates!

Did you know that dates have nutrients that are rarely found in any other food source? Check out our other blogs for more information! There’s so much nutrition in these awesome little fruit, Why would you choose an artificial sweetener?

* NO Fake, Chemical, Processed or Artificial Sweeteners!

The food industry is bursting with these low calorie or no calorie chemical sweeteners!! Whether they claim to be “natural” or not, our family doesn’t trust any of them! When you can’t pronounce it, you shouldn’t be eating it. When processing it causes it to turn from a green plant to a white powder or clear liquid, how can it be “natural”? Real Food Has Nutrition Facts!

Our Family’s Sweetener Choices – Avoid “Laboratory” Sugars

* REAL Whole Food!! * NO Natural Flavors!!

We use only Real WHOLE Food Ingredients that you can pronounce! Did you ever stop to wonder how things like “Coconut Flavored” goods have no Coconut? What else is in there?? Why can’t they disclose what is in the “Natural Flavor” if it is real food?

Our Flavor Comes From Being Real, Not Fake Flavors!

* 100% RAW Plant Based Ingredients!!

Our protein bars are RAW and the ingredients come directly from plants so they’re bursting with nutrition! Nothing processed at all! NO Synthetic ingredients!!

*Gluten FREE & Free of the Top 14 Allergens

(Made In A Facility with Wheat. Contains Coconut Oil)
YES!! These protein bars are free of all the allergens our entire bakery is free of AND they are Gluten FREE too!! 
Thank you so  much for choosing our family’s bakery!! We can’t wait to hear what you think of our New Real Food Protein Bars!! 

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