A Few Reasons Our Customers LOVE Our REAL Sourdough!!

Here’s A Few Reasons Our Customers Choose Our REAL Sourdough!

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Our customers report REAL Sourdough is easier to digest!!

From Jahnika P. – Oh, I absolutely love these bagels!!! They taste wonderful, and that means so much to me being that I am gluten sensitive, and can really only digest sourdough without any digestive aid. I am glad that I do not have to look any further for all my bread loving needs.


They Say It Works For Their Low Glycemic Diet!

From Lisa B. – Love, love, love the tortillas! I use them as chapati for Indian food – perfect! And perfect for my sensitive digestion and low glycemic diet!

The Sprouted & Sourdough Together Works Better Than Their Previous Sprouted Choices!

From Henry W. – Because of medical problems I avoided bread for decades. I tried gluten-free bread but it made things worse. I had heard that sourdough bread and sprouted wheat flour were better so when I saw a sprouted sourdough bread from Alvarado Street Bakery I decided to give it a try. After awhile my knees began to hurt walking down stairs and jogging was completely out. It took several months before I realized it was the bread! As soon as I stopped eating it the pain went away. So, I was a little reticent when I heard about your sprouted sourdough bread on the Wise Traditions podcast, but I decided to give it a try. The knee pain, and other medical problems, have not resurfaced even after 4 months of eating your sprouted sourdough bread! A few months ago I took a closer look at the Alvarado sprouted sourdough bread and realized (as you said in your latest posting) it wasn’t organic, it wasn’t sprouted, and it wasn’t sourdough! Only the first ingredient is organic. Instead of sprouted flour it used sprouted berries, and instead of sourdough starter it used cultured wheat starch and yeast!!! It also contains added gluten!!!! Needless to say, your bread has been a real Godsend and I pray that “the living bread who came down from heaven” continues to bless you.

They Are On An Anti-Inflammatory Diet

From Karen G. – My daughter and I are on an anti inflammatory diet for health reasons. We thought that bread was something that we could never have again. Then I found your site. Everything is fresh and delicious and we haven’t had any side effects. Thank you! Karen and Taylor

They Haven’t Been Able to Have Bread For Years

From Claire S. – Gosh, where do I begin? I haven’t been able to have bread for years and I have missed it dearly. Thank you, Bruno family, from the bottom of my heart. Your love for health and longevity is so effortlessly baked into all of your goods. I am so grateful for your contributions and I look forward to being a life long customer.

They Usually Cannot Eat Wheat

From Lana T. – Thank you, we are very much enjoying all your wonderful products!!!! It is so nice to be able to buy organic sprouted sourdough. I have digestive issues and usually can not benefit with my condition eating wheat. Now I can!!!! You guys rock!!! 

Gluten Free For 10 Years

From Bobbie S. – Seriously, my favorite. I’m GF 10 years. This was my 1st bread, no tummy ache!!!!❤❤❤

We’ll Let Carrie Sum It Up…

From Carrie S. – This bread is amazing! I was directed by my dietician to seek out REAL sourdough bread and this bakery was one of a half dozen recommended. There’s nothing comparable, this bread is delicious. I grew up in my family’s specialty grocery store, the bakery produced the most amazing breads among other things. I haven’t had a true sourdough this good since they closed it, until now.

What is YOUR OBOH experience? We’d LOVE to hear!! 

Thank you so much for choosing our family’s bakery!!

– The Brunos

Please note: These statements are from our customers and not evaluated by the FDA. We are not doctors and cannot guarantee our real sourdough will work for you! Please consult your doctor first.

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