All Sprouted Bread Is Not What It’s BAKED Out to Be!

What Else Is In Sprouted Bread?

You may think you do not have to read the label on Sprouted Bread. Take One Step Back and Check the Label!! 

#1 – They Probably Aren’t Sourdough!! BUT There’s MORE!

Some Things You Might Be Surprised About…

You pick up that loaf of Sprouted Bread! Finally!! A loaf of “Healthy Bread”. You flip it over to show the ingredients!… You will be quite shocked!! 

* Vital Wheat Gluten Is The 2nd Ingredient!! 
That defeats my whole reason for getting Sprouted Bread. It should be lower in gluten! 🙁 Some list this as Wheat Gluten…
* It Contains Sugar!!
Depending on which one, up to 1-5 grams of sugar per slice! Why would I want sugar in my Sprouted Bread? 🙁
* It Contains Cultured Wheat Flour and/or Not Sprouted Flour!
Oh no, Cultured Wheat Flour is NOT sprouted, so there is partially not sprouted flour in it… Come to think of it, Cultured Wheat Flour is a type of “Preservative”. Why do we need preservatives? 🙁
* Ascorbic Acid strengthens the gluten in flour, which can give a better rise, and help dough to rise more quickly… What happened to a long ferment time like old-fashioned bread & Real Sourdough? 
* Enzymes 
What are these and why do we need them in bread? Old-Fashioned bread recipes and Real Sourdough don’t need unnamed enzymes in the recipe…
* It’s just “Yeast Bread” – Most Sprouted Bread Are NOT Sourdough!! 
You were really hoping for all the health benefits of Real Sourdough you had just been reading about…

You reluctantly put the loaf back on the shelf… Should we do without bread? Or maybe I should make my own… But you are WAY too busy for that!!

Don’t Give Up Yet!! 

Think of Sprouted Sourdough Bread with only a few ingredients you’d use in your own kitchen…

* Made with NO Added Yeast…

* All the Health Benefits of Sprouted Bread…

* All the Health Benefits of REAL Sourdough!…

* A CLEAN LABEL & Nothing Hidden Either! 

You’ve searched the stores… You might be looking for a lifetime there…

Imagine being able to order such a bread online and get it shipped right to your house!!

Imagine that it was baked FRESH JUST FOR YOU!!

That sounds like a little Heaven on Earth!!
Order Yours TODAY!!!

We love baking for you! Reach out to us with any questions you may have!! Don’t miss out on our weekly blog articles!!

The Brunos


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