Buy Real. Buy Organic. Vote With Your Dollars!

Tired of eating fake foods filled with preservatives, artificial ingredients, fertilizers, herbicides, GMOs, nanomaterials, human sewage sludge, plant growth regulators, hormones, and much more?

Choose Organic!

Our family eats 100% organically to avoid all those nasty things in our diet! We go through the process of USDA Organic Certification with one of the oldest and strictest certifiers (CCOF) there is, so you can rest assured your baked goods are the BEST! 

Organic for Health (by CCOF)

Studies show that organically grown food has higher amounts of Vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorous, and iron – all nutrients vital for healthy functioning of our bodies. Organic fruits and vegetables are high in nutrients and antioxidants, which provide energy and keep you looking young. 

Leave Chemicals Off Your Plate

Certified organic agricultural operations (certified organic farmers) avoid the use of most synthetic pesticides found in conventional agriculture. Chemical pesticides and herbicides have been linked to birth defects, obesity, diabetes, ADHD, and other health problems. President Obama’s Cancer Panel reported in 2010 that pesticide exposure is linked to various forms of cancer. The panel strongly recommends that people reduce their exposure to carcinogens by removing toxins from our food, water, and air. Each time you choose organic, you are choosing to leave these chemicals off your plate.

Organic food is safe. Certified organic producers go to great lengths to ensure that their products are safe and risk-free. 

Remember: There are many farmers who advertise their farm and produce as “organic but not certified,” or “pesticide free.” There are no standards in place to validate these claims. Choosing certified organic foods guarantees that what you are eating has met all federal standards and a third-party inspector has visited the facility.

Is Non-GMO Enough? Above Non-GMO!

GMO Foods can still be grown with Synthetic inputs (pesticides, herbicides, insecticides), GMOs, Growth Hormones, Antibiotics, Irradiation, High levels of environmental pollution, artificial ingredients, sewer sludge, and much more!! Organic has none of these and even more benefits!!

Say “No” to GMOs! (by CCOF)

Organic producers do not use genetic engineering (GE) or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Releasing GMOs into the environment without proper research has unknown consequences on human health, the environment, and biodiversity. Organic farmers must bear the financial and legal burden when their organic crops are contaminated due to drift from conventional fields producing GE crops. Read about CCOF’s work to prevent the spread of genetic engineering.

Vote With Your Dollars!

Our family chooses to purchase from small producers primarily that are most importantly Certified Organic! It is so important to know where your food comes from!! Every time you purchase Organic, you are voting for more Organic food to be produced!! 

The True Value of Organic (by CCOF)

Do you think organic is pricey? Organic farming and production practices are costlier and often more time consuming than conventional methods. Plus, government support for organic production is unequal to the support for conventional agriculture. The love and care that goes into growing organic fruits and vegetables is well worth the investment. In fact, many organic foods cost the same or even less than their conventional counterpart! Demanding more organic options and packing your shopping cart with certified organic foods means a lot; it helps grow the marketplace and change our food system.

We are so happy we can provide you with the BEST Organic Baked Goods possible!! We go over and above because you’re eating what our family eats!… And we love baking for you just like our family!! Please reach out to us with any questions! We look forward to baking for you soon!!

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