Ever Wondered What Diet Our Family Follows?

Ever Wondered What Diet Our Family Follows? 

With such a widespread of diets abounding, where do you start when eating? Who really knows what a healthy diet is? Which one works and which one doesn’t?

A Word From Our Papa…

Our family doesn’t follow a “diet”, but we do believe in eating REAL wholesome food from the ground. Our family’s diet change started when our Papa was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1990 and given 6 months to live by his doctor. He changed his diet and began eating fresh fruits and vegetables and lived 14 years! We were so blessed to know our Papa. He was vehement about eating healthy as he did not want us to go through what he had with his cancer! Had he not changed his diet, most of his grandchildren would have never known him!

What Our Diet Consists Of?

Our diet is based on a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruit with a higher carbohydrate intake than you might think – lots of BREAD, grains, and beans too!! Our family consumes a high percentage of carbohydrates and very low amount of fats. We consume on average, 80% raw and 20% cooked food every day. We LOVE our REAL Sourdough options, as you can see, by how many we have!!

Doesn’t Bread Make Me Fat?

We hear this all the time! You might be surprised about our findings… or maybe you already know!! After hearing someone exclaim this AGAIN (haha), a couple of us decided to see for ourselves… We ate 1 whole entire loaf of our sourdough bread a day for a couple days straight. We still ate our meals also so we were very full – lots of “extra” calories!… Some bread had toppings, some by itself… The first day, 5 lbs lost for one person and 3 lbs lost for the other. The second day 2 lbs lost for one person and 2 lbs for the other… At that point, we went back to our “regular” diet because Dad said we can’t afford to lose anymore weight! 

Fun fact: Each member of our family on a regular basis on average consumes up to 12 servings of baked goods a day! 

It’s No “FAD” Diet!

We just believe in eating REAL WHOLE FOOD!!! Exactly what God intended from the beginning of time! We can’t wait to share some recipes with you all! Cooking is so much fun and even better when it tastes GREAT!!

Thank you so much for choosing our family’s bakery!! We love the opportunity of baking for you!


The Brunos

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