Getting Ready For New Year’s Resolutions? Let’s Be Healthy!!

First! Thank You From Our Family!

A Huge THANK YOU from our family to every one of you who takes the time to research your food. Those who choose the best for your family mean so much to us! Those who pick the best for those little growing bodies…. It really does matter!! We are truly blessed to have every one of you as customers, and it has been such a pleasure baking for you since 2005!

A Few Tips From Our Family!

Real Sourdough is SO Important!!

Yes, we are always saying it, but have you heard all the benefits of REAL Sourdough??! It is truly amazing! The fact is, years ago, all bread was made with a “starter” called the mother dough with a long ferment process. Bread made in 20 minutes was never heard of – until factories…. But in those days where bread was made with a long ferment process, allergies were not so prominent either!! It really matters what we put in our bodies!!!

Our real sourdough is fermented for a full 72 hours, which breaks down the gluten properly, making it easier to digest! Check out all of the reviews with our happy customers who weren’t able to have bread for up to 10 years before, but now only enjoy Organic Bread of Heaven Real Sourdough baked goods!!

What’s More? We start with a low gluten flour! That’s right!! Not only will we not add gluten to our baked goods, we also WILL NOT use high gluten four. Because it keeps a better consistency, most bakeries use high gluten flour to ensure they have a consistent loaf. Our dough is temperamental and very touchy!! It can’t be run through huge machines and pumped out in factories! And, what factory wants to wait for 72 hours, when bread can be made in 20 minutes?!!

We are Certified Organic!! Yes, the minimum standard for our family’s eating is Certified Organic! We go over and above to make sure we also choose the highest quality from there too! That’s why we will not use Natural Flavors, even if approved by Organic. Our flour is also Glyphosate Residue tested to ensure there is no contamination there either!

A New Year! A Healthy YOU!

Don’t settle for junk! Pick ONLY the BEST For your family!! You are what you eat is so true! This is why our family chooses only high quality ingredients and will not compromise for price.

Thank you so much for choosing our family’s bakery and we look forward to baking for you in the coming New Year!!

Love, The Brunos

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