Glyphosates? YUCK!


Before we get started let’s first realize… The reason we are Certified Organic by CCOF is because we want to be sure there is no chance of any of these type of herbicides in our ingredients. We feed our customers only what we feed our family and we are VERY picky about what we feed our family!

We have been asked by several people how we can be sure that there is no Glyphosate Residue in our wheat. We use only Certified Organic wheat that is from the Midwest, primarily Minnesota. This wheat is inspected regularly according to Organic standards and is also tested for Glyphosate as required.

We do not for any reason want Glyphosate in our foods as it is an herbicide. In fact, one of the most widely used in the United States! It is primarily used to kill weeds, especially annual broadleaf weeds and grasses that compete with crops. One of the major problems with these sprays used to kill weeds is they also kill the soft tissues in your body making you more susceptible to cancers and other health issues.

This is why our family chooses to eat Certified Organic and not only Certified Organic, but it is also important to know where your food is coming from. Source locally and ask questions! The best foods for you are usually not widely accessible and are usually found by going straight to the producer!


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