Happy Mother’s Day From Our Family!!

Happy Mother’s Day From Our Family to All The Awesome Moms who Choose the Best for Your Family!!!

You really make a difference for your family in the choices you make! From your own health to your little ones’ health, what your family eats really matters! 

That’s why we take so seriously what we use in our recipes. We only bake from our family’s recipes with ingredients our family uses and no compromise!

We are so excited to offer more REAL Sourdough options such as 18 kinds of noodles!! 3 Varieties: High-Fiber Sourdough, Sprouted Sourdough, and Spelt Sourdough and 6 shapes of each – Fusilli, Macaroni, Shell, Rigatoni, Alphabet, and Corkscrew!!

Don’t forget to check them out and make your Pasta Even Better!!

Sourdough Pasta

Have a great day Mom and keep making GREAT choices for your family!!

We love baking for you!!

-The Brunos

Don’t Forget to Check Out Our SALES for this week only! 






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