Is Your Flour Sprayed With Folic Acid? A Customer Inquiry.

Good Morning, I love your products. Is it true that all flour in the US is sprayed with folic acid. Is this true with your organic unbleached wheat flour? Thank You!

We Are Happy to Say, Our flour has NO Additives. It is Not Sprayed with Folic Acid at all!

What Does Your Flour Contain?

Our flour is simply ground wheat! We don’t make things complicated for your health by using treated, chemical-filled, or high gluten wheat!

Our 100% Certified Organic Wheat Is:

  • Certified Organic! – and this is IMPORTANT because even Non GMO crops can use sewer sludge and much more! See our other article on Organic practices here to learn more!
  • Non GMO!
  • Untreated!
  • NO Additives
  • NO Added Gluten
  • Low Gluten/Protein – We know Protein is important, but not in wheat when it raises the gluten levels! We choose lower gluten/protein flour with NO Added Gluten so our REAL Sourdough can be even better! Our bodies love easy to digest foods and heavy gluten is not natural!
  • NO Sprays of ANY sort!
  • It’s Simply Ground Wheat!!

Thank You For Trusting Our Family to Bake For YOU! We believe ALL of our customers should be able to enjoy the same high-quality products our family LOVES!

FRESH From Our Family to YOURS!
Love, the Brunos

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