It’s Not Just Spelt Bread! How Our 100% Sprouted Spelt Sourdough Compares

This blog post was inspired from a customer’s inquiry! 

You may have the same question…. Is All Organic Spelt Bread Equal??

Check the Ingredients FIRST

Spelt Flour – We use 100% SPROUTED SPELT, which is 100% whole grain. If not sprouted or not specified, a good majority of Spelt products are NOT 100% whole grain.

Water – A Good Question!! We use PURIFIED WATER through our Reverse Osmosis filtration and a double carbon filter!

Cane Sugar – Our 100% Sprouted Spelt Sourdough contains NO Sugar! – 0 Grams. This works out well for our customers who are diabetics and others watching their sugar intake as well! 

Yeast – Our Sourdough products DO NOT have any added yeast! Our sourdough process is a full 72 hours with the warm ferment process to break down the gluten properly. 

Cultured Spelt Flour – Cultured Flour is a preservative. We WILL NOT USE Cultured Flour in our bakery.

Distilled Vinegar – We choose Apple Cider Vinegar as it is the purest vinegar, in our opinion, and has great health benefits!

Enzymes – Enzymes are used as dough conditioners to make the dough firmer and give a more “perfect” looking loaf to go through a machine. Our dough wouldn’t go through massive machines, because it has NO JUNK in it. It is the perfect homemade real sourdough texture!

Lactic Acid – We do not use lactic acid. This is another unnecessary “dough conditioner” used to  enhance texture and shelf life. 

Citric Acid – Used as a preservative. We WILL NOT use citric acid in our bakery at all!

Reduced Fat Soy Flour – We are SOY FREE!!!!!! 

Ascorbic Acid – Is used as a preservative in bread to keep it lasting longer. Our family WILL NOT use even “clean label” preservatives. 

Soy Lecithin – We WILL NOT use lecithin as it is another ingredient used to enhance texture… Completely unnecessary. We are also SOY FREE! 

Salt – We use Sea Salt as it is our family’s choice of the purest salt. 🙂

 What About REAL Sourdough??

The Sourdough process is a BIG deal for our family! REAL Sourdough is what our family recommends highly and eats daily!! 

What About Sprouted??

There are almost no similarities in their ingredients to ours, except ours is made from Organic Spelt, but it is also Sprouted and whole grain, which makes a huge difference!

Why So Many Preservatives and texture enhancers in one loaf of bread??

They ARE NOT NEEDED!!! Our family chooses to use just a few good quality ingredients, just like we make it at home!! Enjoy our family’s recipes!

 We hope you enjoyed this blog article. Please note: We cannot guarantee our 100% Sprouted Spelt Sourdough will work for you! Please consult your dietician/doctor if in question. We do love your feedback though! Thank you so much and have a Heavenly rest of your week!

Love, the Brunos

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