Just A Simple Cookie?? It All Adds Up!! Choose ONLY the BEST

Not ALL Cookies Are Equal!! Choose ONLY Good Ingredients For Your Family!

Summer is almost here and cookies are great for fun family trips, picnics, BBQs, vacations, and so much more!

You CAN ENJOY delicious and guilt free cookies again!! AND they are heavenly too!!

Watch out for yucky ingredients you might find in even “Natural” brands. Here Are Just A Few…

Enriched Wheat Flour (Our flour is simply ground wheat. Our family believes our bodies assimilate best to whole food nutrition, not added vitamins  and fillers and especially not synthetic vitamins.)

Soy Lecithin (Our bakery is completely Soy Free)

Invert Sugar (Most of our Cookie options are sweetened with Maple Syrup. We do have some sweetened with Evaporated Cane Juice, in its natural state. We stay away from laboratory sweeteners and chemical sweeteners that are not 100% natural. See more about our choices here! https://www.ovenfreshdelivery.com/blogs/news/our-familys-sweetener-choices-avoid-laboratory-sugars  )

Natural Flavors

These are much more disgusting and deceptive than you would think or ever know!! Check out our blog article here: https://www.ovenfreshdelivery.com/blogs/news/why-our-family-wont-use-natural-flavors-ever  )

Preservatives Can Be Found sometimes even in “Natural Brands”. Our family will not use preservatives of any kind.

Choose only the BEST Cookies for your family and your health this year!! Every bad ingredient adds up! Be Sure to ONLY Choose Top Quality Ingredients. We appreciate you ALL!

We look forward to baking for you again!


The Brunos

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