Why We LOVE the Strengthening Organic Act! We’re So Happy to be CERTIFIED ORGANIC

ORGANIC is our #1 Priority Organic is the very minimum standard we take for our family’s food. Someone recently asked my brother, “Do you spend your money paying for Organic Food now instead of giving it all to the doctor later?” We are paying for more than food!! We are paying for our health!! God […]


URGENT UPDATE!! Effective NOW! Our Baking Schedule Is the Following: Orders placed by Monday at midnight are either baked and shipped fresh Monday or baked and shipped fresh Tuesday. You MUST have your order in by Monday at midnight to be baked and shipped fresh that same week! Orders placed after Monday, will not be […]

Why We Choose Extra Virgin Olive Oil When It Costs More Than 5x the Price of Seed Oils?? – UPDATED

We go into great detail on every one of our ingredients, because what you eat really does matter!! You are worth way more than picking cheap ingredients and saving a few dollars…. But what about paying over 5x the price for an ingredient?? A Huge Eye Opener!! Olives in Sunflower Oil?? Even the Olive Industry […]

New Recipe!! Garden Gazpacho Salad – Featuring Sprouted Sourdough Corkscrew Pasta!!

You’ll LOVE this Pasta Salad for a quick and well balanced Complete Meal or as a side dish! Ingredients:1 8 oz pkg Organic Bread of Heaven Sprouted Sourdough Fusilli or Corkscrew Pasta1 cup Chopped Chicken or Substitute of your choice1/2 cucumber, chopped1 very small or 1/2 red bell pepper, chopped1 small tomato, chopped1/4 cup red […]

NEW Recipe! Dad’s Favorite Mediterranean Pasta Salad Recipe

This recipe is rated as Dad’s FAVORITE Pasta Salad!! Not because he makes it, but we love making it for him!! There is not much prep time, but this Pasta Salad is truly addicting and very nutritious too!! Vinaigrette Ingredients:1/4 cup red wine vinegar1 tbsp lemon juice2 cloves garlic, minced2 tsp dried oreganosalt and pepper […]

Pizza Pasta Salad Recipe – Featuring Sprouted Sourdough Penne Pasta!

This pasta makes a great side or almost a complete meal! With the great variety of nutritious ingredients combined with Sprouted REAL Sourdough Pasta, you will truly LOVE it! The flavor is intense and truly delicious!! You’ll LOVE This New & Delicious Recipe!! 1 package Organic Bread of Heaven Sprouted Penne Pasta1 small bell pepper, […]

Searching for Wholesome Cookies??!! What Is In YOUR “Homemade Bake Shop” Cookies??!!

Ever quickly picked up an “innocent treat” without looking at the ingredients? Even our treats should have 100% Wholesome ingredients. “Homemade Cookies from small baked shops” can be deceiving!! The First Thing we Check! – Are They Certified Organic?? Although some people think it not necessary, Certified Organic is an absolute MUST!! The certification gives […]

NEW Recipe! Springtime Pasta Salad – Featuring Sprouted Spelt Sourdough Corkscrew Pasta

Spring is here, and this recipe is just in time! You’ll LOVE this delicious Pasta Salad as a side dish or even an on-the-go addition to your lunches! Springtime Pasta Salad 2 cups Organic Bread of Heaven Sprouted Spelt Sourdough Corkscrew Pasta1 cucumber, quartered and sliced1/2 cup sliced black olives2 tbsp chopped onion1/2 cup mayonnaise1/4 […]