Hidden Veggies Pasta Recipe

Hidden Veggies Pasta This recipe was submitted by Yana H. a big fan of Organic Bread of Heaven REAL Sourdough Pasta! 1 large onion, chopped  6 carrots, shredded  1 head of broccoli, shredded 2 portabello mushrooms, shredded  1 jar of tomato sauce 1 lb of ground beef 3 table spoons of nutritional yeast 1 package […]

What’s Hidden In Your Bags? Shocking Facts About Bags Used to Package Food!

When We Choose Our Food, It Is So Important We Check All the Ingredients On the Label Right?! Yes, we do!! This is so important AND watch out for hidden ingredients like Natural Flavors, etc… But there is something you may not have thought about… Are There Really Preservatives In Bags?? We have been persistently contacted […]

Vital Wheat Gluten Is NOT Sprouted!! What Is In Your “Sprouted” Bread?

Checking Your Sprouted Bread Labels Is SO Important!! You may be surprised to hear this, but it is so true!! Have you ever noticed unsprouted ingredients in your “Sprouted Bread”? Take the time, Check Your Labels! Vital Wheat Gluten Is NOT Sprouted!!! Vital Wheat Gluten is found in the majority of bread you will find! […]

Delicious Sourdough Pasta Casserole! You’ll Never Want “Plain Spaghetti” After This!

You’ll love this AMAZING recipe!! It can only be this delicious with our REAL Sourdough Pasta! Awesome Sourdough Pasta Casserole 1 package OBOH Sourdough Rigatoni or Elbow Pasta of your choice 1/2 jar pasta sauce 6 oz. baby spinach 4 oz mushrooms, sliced 1 tsp garlic salt Salt & Pepper to taste 1 cup shredded “cheese” […]