Why Sprouted Spelt Sourdough Is Optimal

Why Spelt?  Heirloom Spelt is an ancient grain that dates way back in history and has a notably lower fructan (FODMAP) content than most modern wheat. and is also lower in gluten according to research. Spelt is typically recommended on Low Fodmap diets because it tends to be digested well and is quickly becoming popular for those […]

Buy Real. Buy Organic. Vote With Your Dollars!

Tired of eating fake foods filled with preservatives, artificial ingredients, fertilizers, herbicides, GMOs, nanomaterials, human sewage sludge, plant growth regulators, hormones, and much more? Choose Organic! Our family eats 100% organically to avoid all those nasty things in our diet! We go through the process of USDA Organic Certification with one of the oldest and […]