No Ice? Why Pick Express!! Get it FRESH!!

Our Commitment to You is FRESH!

This is why we start at 1-2 AM every baking morning! Just for YOU!!

Our Experience with Ice is not so good…

Taking fresh (room temperature) bread and putting it in with ice packs, just to create condensation and then turn warm again, then need to be refrigerated or frozen when you receive it, has not seemed to work for us! Mold is a common problem with this much moisture in bread sent the slower (Ground) method.

Here Is Where Express Shipping Comes In!!

YES Bread doesn’t like the heat, but temperature changes with ice are worse, in our experience!! Pick the BEST!! Choose Express options!! Get the Guarantee YOU Deserve!!

  • We Bake & Ship Your Order
  • You Receive It In 2 Days (OR we have Overnight options also)

You will be so thankful to have FRESH Bread!! 2 Days is optimal time for bread delivery and then you freeze or refrigerate it when you receive it!!

For any other questions, please contact our family anytime!!!

Thank you so much for choosing our family’s bakery!


The Brunos


2 thoughts on “No Ice? Why Pick Express!! Get it FRESH!!

  1. Susan Marchant says:

    I would be thrilled if you started making sourdough sweets. Sourdough is the only bread product that I eat now due to food sensitivities. I have looked everywhere for sourdough croissants which I would love. However, anything you make with sourdough is going to be wonderful and sweets would be a great addition to your superior organization. Susan

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