On the Label Or Not?? Label Integrity! Know What’s In Your Food!

You Deserve to Know What Is In Your Bread!

YES! Every speck of ingredients that goes into our bread is listed on our labels! This is our family’s commitment to you! The ingredients used in our baked goods are the same ones used in our family’s own home for years and we won’t add anything else!

What Is The Hidden 7%!?

Unknown to most shoppers, food processing companies are allowed to add 7% “ingredients” to food that do not need to be added to the label. That is a huge percentage really!! This includes preservatives, dough conditioners, and much more! WE HAVE NONE OF THESE! You can trust our labels!

Mouse manure is allowed up to a certain percentage in food ingredients!

This was verified by our health inspector. We have NONE! Wow, that is so gross! We were shocked too!!

Dough Conditioners can even be added without being listed on the label!!

We have been prompted by many “specialists” to add these so our dough would run through machines. Our answer is a resounding NO! Because of the low gluten structure of our baked goods, our dough does not run through industrial machines used by most companies! We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Our family’s health and yours is so important to us! That’s why we are dedicated to baking you the best bread possible! We love hearing your stories. Especially those of you who haven’t been able to have bread in many years and can enjoy our bread with no side affects!!

We love baking for you all!! Please reach out to us with any questions at all and especially your feedback! Check out our other blog articles as well for more information!



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