Welcome to Organic Bread of Heaven

We are a family owned and operated bakery located in Gary, IN. We specialize in REAL Sourdough, but have a wide variety of high quality baked goods that we ship across the US!

We believe in giving the best to all of our customers as the Bible teaches and that is our goal in everything we do! Thank You For Visiting Our Family’s Bakery!! We look forward to providing you with the highest quality baked goods we believe you will find!

The Bruno Family
Owners (Dad & Mom)

Pictured left to Right: Abigail (Customer Service), Jessica (Bookkeeping, Picking Orders), Mary (Bagels), Mom & Dad (Owners), Benjamin (Tortillas, Picking Orders), Judah & Jeremiah (Bakery Managers)

Lonnie & Sarah Franks (daughter) & family

Sweet Breads/Packaging

Sam, Daryl, Seth Lewis
Bread Shaping/Dividing/Packaging