Our Family’s Sweetener Choices – Avoid “Laboratory” Sugars

Be Sure to Choose the Right Sweeteners For Your Family! Here’s Briefly Why We Have Chosen the Sweeteners We Bake With!

Dates are our family’s TOP CHOICE, as you may have noticed!

We love dates in all forms they come. Of course, most consumers know about whole dates, but to see more information check out our article here! Our Family also loves Date Syrup (aka Date Honey). Date syrup as a fruit, contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids. It is unique to other sweeteners in the process it takes to derive it. Read our whole article on how great Date Syrup is here.

Maple Syrup is our family’s second choice when it comes to sweeteners.

We choose it mostly for its purity. Maple Syrup is simply sap from trees that is boiled down to make Syrup. This has been done for centuries and makes it one of the most natural and purest sweeteners that can be found… Maple Syrup is also still full of minerals and antioxidants! 

While Evaporated Cane Juice isn’t our family’s first choice for sweetener, we choose it as the purest and best form of real sugar.

Evaporated Cane Juice is a healthier alternative to refined sugar and does not undergo the same degree of processing that refined sugar does. Because of this, it still keeps the nutrients found in sugar cane! 

We do our best to stay away from what we call “Laboratory Sugars”.

What we call “Laboratory Sugars” includes fake sweeteners that are used in placed of sugar. Our family thinks that if you cannot name where it comes from immediately, it should not be consumed. While we all know Processed Sugar is deadly, there are also highly processed sugar alternatives that can be just as dangerous. Be sure to read labels and you’d be surprised at how many fake sweeteners are out there!! 

You can feel good knowing we only bake the best for your family!! Don’t forget to reach out with any questions you may have!! We love baking for you!! 

The Brunos

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