Our Flavor Comes From Being REAL, not FAKE FLAVORS!

Have You Noticed How Many “Flavors” There Really Are?

It’s becoming more and more popular, but most consumers don’t seem to realize the difference. You might want to check out your labels and see how many of these “Flavors” you are consuming! How healthy are these for you? Are they harmless? Maybe you think flavors are only found in “Big Box” companies or Artificial foods! Look on MOST ingredient panels and you’ll find things like Vanilla Flavor, Banana Flavor, Natural Flavors, and more. 

VANILLA – Is There A Difference?

 Flip over the package of your average “Vanilla” product and you’ll find Vanilla Flavoring! What happened to REAL Vanilla extracted from Vanilla Beans? The facts are, Vanilla Flavoring is a LOT cheaper than Real Vanilla Extract. We know! Our family calls the Real Vanilla we use in our bakery “Liquid Gold“. It is seriously one one of the most expensive ingredients we use!


Do You Feel Safe Eating From Laboratories?

Both natural and artificial flavors are synthesized in laboratories, but artificial flavors come from petroleum and other inedible substances, while “natural flavor” can refer to anything that comes from a spice, fruit or fruit juice, vegetable or vegetable juice, edible yeast, herb, bark, bud, root, leaf – yes, we’re still going – meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, dairy products, or anything fermented from those foods, according to Food and Drug Administration spokesperson Deborah Kotz.

Studies show that supposed natural and artificial flavors are the exact same molecules. Nutritionally, there is no difference between them. The fact is, both natural and artificial flavors are often used to make processed foods enticing, even addictive. What is the outcome of these on our health?

It’s also much cheaper to make flavors by taking lesser quality ingredients and mimicking the same flavor instead of using the original product. 

REAL products have REAL taste!

That wonderful flavor you find in our Banana Bread that makes it taste like your Grandmother’s recipe doesn’t come from nothing!! It’s all those fresh and perfectly ripe bananas

The moist texture in our Zucchini Bread didn’t come from nothing… It’s all that Fresh REAL Zucchini and just the right REAL high-quality spices too!

Our Blue Ribbon Apple Pie didn’t win first place being dumped out of a can or filled with flavorings. You can taste the real flavor of fresh tart apples with just the right addition of spices!

Our Sweet Potato Pie and Pumpkin Pie you have come to love for the holidays and now even purchase around the year is made of Real Sweet Potatoes and Real Pumpkin and what’s more – REAL Spices!!

We could go on further about our products, but you already know and that’s why you LOVE them so much!! 

Our Commitment!

We will never use natural/artificial flavorings, colorings, colorings, preservatives, additives, dough conditioners, added gluten, fillers, stabilizers, enhancers, or any other laboratory inventions in our baking!

We are so happy we can bake you REAL wholesome baked goods!! We LOVE your feedback!! Let Us Know What You Think!! We have lots more EXCITING new products coming so be sure to follow our emails and blogging!! 

The Brunos

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