REAL FOOD PROTEIN! Stop Filling Your Body With Synthetic Protein! Choose REAL Food!

REAL Protein Is SO Important!

In the health world, we all know Protein is important. A perfect balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats make us all healthy! Just like anything else you eat, your Protein source is Important! Synthetic and overly processed protein that cannot be properly digested is not a good idea!

Why We Choose Hemp!

Whole Food Hemp Protein is great in many ways! Here are a few facts you may not know about Hemp!

  • Hemp has a great nutritional profile, in our opinion! Protein, Fiber, and Unsaturated Fats all balance out well to make this Superfood great for our bodies!
  • Hemp is high in essential fatty acids, which when consumed gives us a natural boost of energy, and because these are broken down slowly in our bodies and can even give us energy throughout the day! These essential fatty acids are also said to help regulate cholesterol levels…
  • Hemp is high in good fiber, which helps with digestion and is even said to cleanse the colon.
  • Hemp contains high amounts of the amino acids arginine, which is used to produce Nitric Oxide. This is said to lower levels of blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease!
  • Hemp’s Nutrition makes it great for dieting! Because it is so nutritious, it makes us feel full longer, reducing cravings for less healthy options! It also contains muscle-building amino acids, which increase the rate of muscle protein, AND it contains the globulins, albumin and edestin, which are two of the most abundant proteins in the human body.

Protein Bars With NO Natural Flavors!!

It seems that almost every package you check there are Natural Flavors listed in the ingredients! So many companies are giving in to these nasty “unknown” ingredients. These supposed Natural Flavors can contain anything in them and it does not have to be disclosed to us as consumers! Check out our other blog articles on how disgusting these really are and why our family avoids them!

REAL Food Protein Bars At Last!!

Packed with nutrition, our REAL Food Protein Bars are perfect for on-the-go for your busy life! Made with Raw REAL Food Ingredients, these (Our Simply Coconut is listed here) only contain the simple ingredients of: Organic Sprouted Oats, Organic Hemp Protein, Organic Dates, Organic Date Syrup, Organic Coconut, Organic Vanilla, and Sea Salt!

Choose REAL Food and Make the BEST Choices For Your Family!

Thank you for choosing our family’s bakery! We look forward to hearing from you!

Love, the Brunos

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