REAL Sourdough Pasta? What Is The Difference?

Is Pasta Healthy?

In European countries, pasta is a staple in their diets. Here in America, pasta is avoided by most health-conscious people as “bad carbs”…. What could be the difference?
Research shows that in Europe they don’t use the same high-gluten flour that bakers here in America love. That’s why we at Organic Bread of Heaven will never use High-Gluten Flour in our bakery.

What is the Real Difference Between the Gluten Content in Our Flour?

We use Flour that is simply Ground wheat and has a low protein/gluten content. Did you know that most bakeries not only use high gluten flour, but they also ADD gluten?!

We go a huge step further! All our pasta is fermented with the long warm ferment just like our bread! Yes, this breaks down the gluten properly making it easier to digest!

AND SPROUTED is even better! Check Out Our Sprouted and Sprouted Spelt options!

See What Our Customers Are Saying!!

Love this sourdough pasta!! I’m gluten sensitive but this doesn’t cause any reactions at all! This makes me soooo happy to have good pasta again! – Laura R.

10/5 the best pasta I’ve had since my trip to Italy years ago. – Austin B.

This pasta was the best I’ve ever had. It had so much flavor and felt good. No digestive issues. Yum! My kids loved it, too! – Anna B.

Really delicious pasta!!! Great flavor and texture. It makes awesome mac and cheese, and macaroni salad too. I love it.
No tummy issues with this either.
Another hit from the Brunos!!!
Thank you. Donna V.

I love spelt, love the “sprouted” from Organic Bread From Heaven, so when I saw the sprouted spelt pasta, I simply “had” to try it. I didn’t quite know what to expect, so was a little cautious in the preparation. It is easy to prepare – cooks more quickly than the boxed pasta you can buy at the grocery store. It didn’t disintegrate into the cooking water, held its shape. When cooked, it was not too hard (I absolutely hate the popular “al dente” – I want to eat my pasta not crunch it), but still held its form and texture when I cooked it a little longer than recommended. The best part – my favorite pasta dish was sooooo good! I also love the easy digestibility of the sprouted grains. – Dawna K.C.

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Love, the Brunos

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