Shelf Stable? What About Your Health???

After reading the words… We are looking for shelf stable baked goods, cakes… This comes from a major grocery store many seek for “healthy foods” that was just purchased by a company named after a large river in South America…

We cannot supply those!! How do you get shelf stable baked goods? We truly care about our customers too much to bring them something harmful…. So here are the questions when you are looking through the grocery stores baked goods….

But What About Your Health?

We all know that when you bake fresh baked goods, you cannot leave them sitting very long before they become dry and/or moldy. How can they be shelf stable? How many preservatives/mold inhibitors, etc, are in your bread? It’s time to research your food…

If It Says “Fresh Bakery” Is It Really?

Just because “bread” is not moldy does not mean it is fresh… Bread cannot last for weeks or sometimes months on bakery shelves and still be good for you! All real bread should only have a few ingredients… What is in yours? Long named ingredients? Preservatives? Citric Acid? What are those ingredients you cannot read? Also look into the 7% that’s in there that isn’t required in labeling laws… YUCK!! It’s time to truly KNOW who is baking your food and what you are eating… 

But Don’t Worry… Bring some Bread of Heaven into Your Life!

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Our Bread has NOTHING that is not in the ingredients listed…

All bread is baked and shipped truly FRESH! 

So… Bring Yourself Peace of Mind when purchasing your bread!! No more worries about shopping for bread!

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