SHIPPING! What Should I Choose?


We spend our dollars into our ingredients, being sure you get THE BEST! There is absolutely NO COMPROMISE on our products, which is why you are choosing our bakery, right? 

FRESH Bread Is SO MUCH BETTER tasting and for you! Express shipping is worth every penny!

As we all know, since Covid, FedEx and UPS are no longer covering Ground claims. As a small business, we are not able to cover late shipment issues or it would put us out of business (because we will not compromise our high cost/quality ingredients to lower costs there!) We highly recommend you choose Express options if you are: 

1. In a Remote Area that usually has shipping problems. 

2. In the West Coast (California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, and the surrounding states we require Express shipping only)

3. Experiencing extremely hot weather.

4. Or just want to be sure it gets to you in a certain time frame!

Please note, we do offer Flat Rate $9.99 shipping and Free Ground Shipping for Orders over $59 except we do not offer Ground shipping in the West Coast area. These options are the cheaper route and it works for many of our customers, but please note, there is no guarantee in shipping. 

Thank you so much for choosing our family’s bakery!! We appreciate you putting your value in the BEST for your family!! We Value Your Health & LOVE Baking For YOU!!!

– The Brunos

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