Should I Freeze My Order?

Should I Freeze My Order?

Yes, absolutely!

The same thing you love about our bread – having no preservatives is the reason why you should refrigerate or freeze your order as soon as you receive it! (Of course, except those things you can’t resist before they make it there! 😊)

We don’t add those extra things to extend the shelf life because we care most about your health! Instead, we keep our ingredients minimal so you can enjoy good, wholesome, real baked goods as fresh as possible!

We were recently asked…

In the colder months, the bread keeps fresh longer… why? Because our bread is completely natural, it also goes bad faster in the warmer months because there are no preservatives at all! That is actually a benefit for your health! Nothing really to worry about, just put it in the freezer what you will be using soon (within a few days to a week) and freeze the rest!

A great tip: If you will be freezing our bread for longer than a couple weeks, we recommend double bagging it, just to keep it as fresh as possible!

Thank you so much for choosing our family’s bakery!

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