Steps to Make the Best Quick Dinner EVER!

1. Cook Up Some of Our Delicious OBOH Sourdough Pasta!

(Bring water to boiling. Add pasta and cook for 5-8 minutes)

2. Warm Up Your Favorite Pasta Sauce! 

(Add some Sauteed Spinach and Mushrooms, if desired! We do!)

3. Make Some Quick Garlic Bread

(Add a few cloves of fresh garlic to a small amount of butter and spread on a halved OBOH Sourdough Baguette or your favorite sliced OBOH Sourdough. Broil for a few minutes at 400. This is really fast, so watch that it doesn’t burn. 🙂

Dinner Is Done!! Serve with cheese, if desired!
Thank you so much for choosing our family’s bakery! Please reach out to us with any questions!!
– The Brunos

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