The BEST Guacamole Recipe!

Try Our Family’s Recipe – The BEST Guacamole!

Our family LOVES to use this for so many things!

  • Tacos & burritos
  • Toast up some tortillas to make your own chips and dip them in this fresh quacamole!
  • Add wonderful flavor to your veggie wraps!!


First, it is very important that all your veggies are Certified Organic! Our family eats 100% Certified Organic only!

Choose ripe avocados for the best taste!
Ripening tip: Place your avocados in a dark place such as a paper bag or a dark drawer. They will ripen sometimes as fast as 12 hours but could take up a couple days! Once they are soft, place them in the refrigerator to stop them from ripening!


The BEST Guacamole Recipe     

2 medium ripe avocados (quartered, seeded, and peeled) 

1 Tbsp. lemon juice                                           

1 thin slice of onion

1 medium/large clove garlic, quartered
½ tsp. sea salt
hot pepper sauce (optional)


Place steel blade in food processor. Add avocados, lemon juice, onion, garlic, and salt. Process until smooth, scraping sides of bowl as necessary.  If desired, add hot pepper sauce to taste. Serve immediately or transfer to bowl, covering surface of dip with clear plastic wrap to prevent discoloration, chill.


Don’t forget to order your fresh tortillas this week!!

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