Vital Wheat Gluten Is NOT Sprouted!! What Is In Your “Sprouted” Bread?

Checking Your Sprouted Bread Labels Is SO Important!!

You may be surprised to hear this, but it is so true!! Have you ever noticed unsprouted ingredients in your “Sprouted Bread”? Take the time, Check Your Labels!

Vital Wheat Gluten Is NOT Sprouted!!!

Vital Wheat Gluten is found in the majority of bread you will find! It is labeled as Vital Wheat Gluten or sometimes it says Wheat Gluten or just Gluten.

You may also see Wheat Protein!

Warning: This is a new fancy name for Vital Wheat Gluten. There is no need to add Vital Wheat Gluten to Bread Ever!!!

Adding gluten to Sprouted Bread defeats the purpose of eating Sprouted Bread!!

Lets Look A Little Further…

Cultured Wheat Flour Is NOT Sprouted!

You may be surprised to see Cultured Wheat Flour and NO it is NOT the same as Sourdough! We have been asked specifically about this ingredient and it is completely unnecessary! It is actually a “clean label preservative”. There is no need for ANY preservatives in bread! OBOH does not use ANY preservatives at all.

Sugar In Your Sprouted Bread?

That’s not necessary either…

Let’s Take Sprouted ONE STEP FURTHER!!…

… TO REAL SOURDOUGH!! You’ll LOVE Our REAL Sourdough & 100% Sprouted Combination!! This makes an incredible One-Of-A-Kind bread!! Check Out Our Reviews to see what our other customers are saying!! It feels GREAT being able to eat bread again after several years, like some of our customers!! See what they have to say on our Reviews page!

Check Out Our CLEAN LABELED Sprouted Sourdough!! Yes!! We Are NOT ASHAMED of our ingredients!!

Thank you so much for choosing our family’s bakery!

Please note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to help or prevent any sickness or disease. This is all research done by our family for yours!! 

We look forward to baking for you again!! 


The Brunos


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