Watch Out This Holiday Season For Scary Ingredients!

Choose Healthy Choices For Your Family This Holiday Season!

When life gets busy with the holidays coming up, it’s so easy to let your health slide! Don’t do it this year!! Let our family do all your baking! There’s plenty to choose from! Replace your sweet treats with healthy options that taste great! YES, healthy still tastes great here, in fact, HEAVENLY!!

Watch Out For These Scary Ingredients & More!

  • Artificial Colors, Flavors, and Preservatives

Holiday baked goods and candies are stuffed with these! Don’t compromise your health! Choose options that taste great and keep you feeling great too!

  • Corn Syrup & Junk Sweeteners

Watch out for junk sweeteners! Not all sweet treats are the same! You need the BEST! Real sweeteners actually still have nutrients!! Check out our other blog articles for more information on our sweetener choices!

Our Family’s Sweetener Choices – Why We Avoid Laboratory Sweeteners

  • “Natural Flavors” 

Natural flavors are quickly becoming popular. They are becoming harder and harder to avoid. You deserve to know what’s in your food! We won’t use natural flavors EVER! Check out our blog for more information on these Natural Flavors!!

Our Flavor Comes From Being Real – NOT FAKE FLAVORS

  • Allergens

Feel safe this holiday season!! We go over and above to make sure our products are safe and there is no cross contamination from any of the allergens our bakery is free of. Just to review, we are free of the following:
Nut Free (but we do use Coconut Oil)
Egg Free
Dairy Free
Soy Free
Sesame Free
Celery Free
Mustard Free
Poppy Free
Barley Malt Free
Natural Flavor Free
Fish & Shellfish Free

Check out our article below for more information:

What We Do To Keep You Safe From Allergens

  • Hidden Ingredients

Know who you are purchasing from to avoid unwanted ingredients in your sweet treats and baked goods!! Check Out Our Blog Article Below For More!

What’s In The Hidden 7%? Why Our Family Has No Hidden Ingredients.


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