We’re Letting Out Our Secret EARLY!!!… Just to Get Your Feedback!! Sourdough Sweets!

Sourdough Sweets?? Really?

Sourdough Sweets are something we have been asked for and wanted to add for some time. We are always wanting to make our baked good as healthy as possible! Our family truly believes in the health benefits of REAL Sourdough and how it naturally breaks down the gluten. It is always amazing and wonderful to hear how a happy customer can now eat bread again!!

Which Sweets Will Be Sourdough??

We would like to add as many options as possible to be Sourdough as optimally the goal is to make our sweets as healthy as possible. We have already been working on tests for some and are hoping to announce them within a few weeks! What Do YOU Think??

We Want to Hear Your Feedback!

What do YOU think of Sourdough Sweets?? At first, it seems a bit funny to think of Sour and Sweet together, but really, the sweets are not “sour”. The Sourdough process breaks down the gluten and makes it easier to digest. The same long warm ferment process that is for our Real Sourdough Bread will be also for the Sourdough Sweets! Would you like to see certain sweets Sourdough? What do you think?

Please remember to call or email us anytime with feedback! We LOVE to hear from you!

Thank you again for choosing our family to bake for you!! Each and every one of you is a blessing to our family!

The Brunos

3 thoughts on “We’re Letting Out Our Secret EARLY!!!… Just to Get Your Feedback!! Sourdough Sweets!

    • Bread Man! says:

      I agree!; Organic coconut sugar (just to widen you flavor profiles & don’t be scared to experiment with quadruple/triple and double combinations of different organic & natural, low glycemic sweeteners)

      Donuts!?! Yes!!! Regular(no icing), Glazed(vanilla, cinnamon, gingerbread), Frosted(chocolate, maple),Twist(with glaze), and Bar/Long John style
      You could make them cake style(sprouted) or “light and fluffy”(organic unbleached whole wheat flour)

      I’m ready to order!

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