What Is The GREAT In Sprouted Sourdough?

After hearing the words, “Sprouted bread is as healthy as bread gets.” We want to stop and think just a little further… What makes Sprouted so GREAT!

What Does Sprouting Do?

 Although grains like wheat or corn may look simple on the outside, they contain enormously complex molecular machinery. There are genes, proteins and enzymes that turn a tiny seed into a plant. 

How Sprouting Increases Nutrients

Because of the sprouting process, sprouted bread is said to contain more of some vital nutrients. Some studies show that sprouting grains increases their lysine content 

Lysine is an amino acid that many plants contain in only low amounts. Increasing its levels through sprouting, increases the nutritional value of grains and seeds considerably.

Some studies have also shown that sprouting wheat may lead to significant increases in soluble fiber, folate, vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene. 

Sprouting also partially breaks down the starch, since the seed uses the energy in the starch to fuel the sprouting process. For this reason, sprouted grains have slightly fewer carbohydrates.

How Sprouting Decreases Antinutrients

Sprouted grains also have lower numbers of antinutrients, which are substances that inhibit the absorption of minerals:

  • Phytic acid is a substance found in grains and seeds. It can bind minerals like zinc, calcium, magnesium and iron and prevent them from being absorbed. Sprouting modestly reduces phytic acid.
  • Enzyme inhibitors are also present in seeds. They protect them from spontaneously germinating but may also make the nutrients in them harder to access. Sprouting inactivates some of them.

Another benefit of sprouting is that it is said to reduce the gluten. Due to the reduction in antinutrients, sprouted bread may provide a higher number of nutrients than bread made from grains that have not sprouted.

But Let’s Go Deeper Than Sprouted!

What About REAL Sourdough! 

You know we could go on and on with the true studies and all the health benefits to REAL Sourdough! 

Check out this great article for more information on our REAL Sourdough!

What Makes Sourdough Unique?

How About The Added Gluten THEY Put In Sprouted Bread?

We do not add gluten to any of our bread! Bread should be made in its original form with no added gluten. While bread is so much easier to make by adding gluten… It’s worth your health and our family’s health to be sure we know what we are putting in our bodies! After all, you most likely have asked, “Why are so many people sensitive to gluten” These articles below may help answer your questions!

The Gluten Monster

The Real Problem With Bread – It’s Probably Not Gluten!

So… It’s Not JUST Sprouted That Makes the GREAT! 

While sprouted bread may be good… It’s not just enough to be sprouted. You may be doing your body worse to eat sprouted bread that is not sourdough which still contains yeast and even worse… Added Gluten… Try out our Sprouted Sourdough if you haven’t, We are sure you will LOVE it!!

Much love from our family to yours! 

Thank you for choosing our family to bake for you! 

As always, please contact us if you have any questions!!

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