What Makes Our Bakery Different?

Our Difference!

Here’s just some of our differences! Though there are so many more, we know you only have so much time to read!!

Above Organic

Yes, We do happily say above Organic. That means, not even preservatives that are “allowed” in organic production!! We happily only make what our family eats and YES! We ARE picky about what we eat!!  

No Dairy, Eggs, Nuts, Soy, Sesame

We choose to be free of all these allergens. Both in our products and our entire facility! We are entirely free of these. So many wonder why all the allergies… Could it be that so many of our most common allergies are used as fillers in our “food”? We keep our recipes simple and delicious!

No Added Gluten

And while we are talking about fillers… This is another one we WON’T use!! This along with the high gluten flour many bakeries use, we believe to be the main cause of gluten sensitivities, intolerances, allergies, and digestion issues! 

Good Wholesome Ingredients!!

YES! We use only the best ingredients and just as few as possible to bring you the highest quality yet most delicious baked goods! Baked goods how they should be!! Check out our high-quality ingredients on our products!! We aren’t ashamed! They are all on our products on our site!


We use the purest form of evaporated cane juice which is not processed, refined, bleached, etc… in most of our sweets. Our family remembers everything in moderation! We do have a few Sugar-Free items and will be adding more! We use only quality sweeteners in our Sugar Free options such as maple syrup, molasses, and only Raw Agave. (The raw agave is the good kind and the only kind we will use) Watch out for fake “Sugar Free” sweeteners. The majority of these are very bad for you!

REAL Sourdough

We do have the option of both old-fashioned soft yeast breads (still double proof and take 5 hour not 20 minutes) and REAL Sourdough which is even better (almost 3 days)! Anything listed as Sourdough is made the old-fashioned way with only a starter! This breaks down or “digests” the gluten so its easier for you to digest! Check out the many options we offer and if you don’t see one, contact us and we’ll be sure to add it to our long list of New Product Ideas! Check out some of our new items including Spelt Sourdough and Sourdough Tortillas!! Good for you, wholesome, and delicious!!

Be sure to contact us with any questions! Order online at organicbreadofheaven.com or call in your order anytime!! 

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