What We Do To Keep You Safe From Allergens!

We know it’s so hard to navigate allergies and even harder to find food that is still wholesome and allergy free too!! You might have even thought at one point you would have to make everything yourself! 

Good News!! We take extra precautions to make sure all of our awesome customers are safe!! 

We are:
Nut Free (but we do use Coconut Oil)
Egg Free
Dairy Free
Soy Free
Sesame Free
Celery Free
Mustard Free
Poppy Free
Barley Malt Free
Natural Flavor Free
Fish & Shellfish Free


A Few of Our Extra Precautions

1. We check our ingredient sources for cross contamination and source direct to be sure none of these allergens are handled in the same facility.

2. No employees eat any of the above allergens on baking/delivery days.
Yes, you heard right!! All of our family/employees agree to refrain from all of the above allergens on baking days so there is no trace of them that could enter when they arrive for work.

3. None of the above allergens ever enter the entire facility including the break area, etc. 

4. We use extreme cleanliness and sanitation before and between every batch. We have dedicated work uniforms and use strict hand washing and sanitation practices as regulated by the FDA.

5. We keep a closed facility. We do not allow tours or extra walk-throughs. All inspectors are required to wear a complete uniform and follow all sanitation practices to ensure no contamination to our facility.

  So NOW you can FEEL SAFE eating all your favorite baked goods!!! We are so happy we can bake them for you!!! Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns!! Have an awesome day and stay safe!! 

– The Brunos

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