What’s In The Hidden 7%? Why Our Family Has NO Hidden Ingredients!

You Read Labels. You Do Your Homework. You Make Healthy Choices…

It’s challenging at times to find food you feel good about eating! With all the food being so adulterated, finding wholesome real food is hard and we are so glad you’re making awesome choices! We know how hard it is!!

As Health-Conscious shoppers, We All Check Labels Right? 

Is there such a thing as undisclosed ingredients? Not in our bakery!!! We can guarantee that!! We disclose EVERY ingredient! The health of our family and our awesome customers IS #1! 

Have You Ever Heard of the Hidden 7%?

Yes, you heard right! We were shocked too!!! We have had several representatives over the years contact us with “Natural Flavors”, Preservatives, and Dough Conditioners. We will NOT use any of the above in our bakery at all! We were quite shocked to learn that as long as under 7% of any “ingredient” is used, it does not have to be disclosed on the label. There can be up to 7% preservatives or other junk in your food without even being listed on the ingredients!! Maybe you have wondered how “Preservative-Free” products can last so long!! We don’t recommend you do, but if you happen to leave any of our heavenly products out, you will most definitely find out there are NO preservatives! 

It Is SO Important to KNOW Who Is Making Your Food!

Shop small family owned businesses who are dedicated to using only pure ingredients!! Our family also does all of our own cooking too so we know where everything comes from!! Be sure to follow our blog for more blogs and recipes!! 

We look forward to baking for you again!! 

The Brunos




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