What’s In YOUR “Sourdough”?

Who Doesn’t Need A Good Sourdough?

You will find on our blog many articles about Sourdough and if you search the web, we are sure you will find lots more!

Not only can Sourdough be Delicious!…. but there are so many benefits for your health!

No Added Yeast

No Sugar

Fermented For Days instead of hours or minutes in some factories! 

Just A Couple Ingredients 

These are just a few- Check out Sourdough blog below for more! 


But It Needs to Be True Sourdough to get these benefits!

Is This True With All “Sourdoughs”

Well… Check Your Labels! 

There should be only a few ingredients, Only Sourdough Culture – No Added Yeast, and it is of course important to be Certified Organic! 

How To Spot Fake Sourdough…

There are so many claims, what do you believe?

Know Your Bakers! 

That’s hard to find! 

We know it can be…


Not anymore! We ship or deliver FRESH right to your door!

Questions?.. Comments… Contact Us Anytime! We will do our best to get right back with you! 


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