What’s Really In Your “Healthy” Protein Bars???

Have You Ever Really Looked At the Ingredients In Your Protein Bars??!!

We did!! That’s why we so carefully chose only a few of the absolute best quality ingredients for our REAL FOOD Protein Bars!! We really care about what you eat! It’s exactly the same way our family eats too!!

When shopping for protein bars, first read the ingredients!

*Watch Out For Synthetic and Processed Proteins 

Most protein bars have processed or synthetic proteins. We have chosen hemp as our protein source as it has an incredible amount of health benefits!! It is also very minimally processed. It is so important that we eat our food in its whole form!

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*Most Protein Bars Are Full of Allergens! 

It is SO hard to find a protein bar that does not have nuts, soy, or dairy especially, not to mention sesame which we are happily FREE of in our facility!! 

We go the extra mile truly to make sure you are SAFE! There is absolutely nothing more important! Just like ALL of our baked goods, our protein bars are free of 7 of the 8 top allergens and more! 

Check Out Our Blog Article Here On What We Do to Keep You Safe & See What Allergens We Are Free of!

*Most Protein Bars Have Added Sugar and/or Processed Syrups!

Majority of protein bars have multiple kinds of sweetener! What used to be thought of as a nutritious bar, is greatly ruined by the amount of added sugar and syrups that are added. We use dates, which are full of vitamins that are hard to get! Dates can be known as a powerhouse when it comes to nutrition! They truly have more vitamins than most sweeteners! 

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*Why Do You Need A Flavor Enhancer? Natural Flavors In Protein Bars!!!??

One of the hardest ingredients to avoid these days is Natural Flavors. These natural flavors are truly disgusting when you find out what could be in them! We use only REAL Whole Food Ingredients!! Natural Flavors are made in a laboratory! We don’t use laboratory ingredients here! 

Check Out Our Blog Article For More Information About How Disgusting These Natural Flavors Really Are!!

We are so happy to provide you with the BEST Real Food Protein Bars You Can Find!! And they are delicious!

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