Why We Choose Extra Virgin Olive Oil When It Costs More Than 5x the Price of Seed Oils?? – UPDATED

We go into great detail on every one of our ingredients, because what you eat really does matter!! You are worth way more than picking cheap ingredients and saving a few dollars…. But what about paying over 5x the price for an ingredient??

A Huge Eye Opener!! Olives in Sunflower Oil?? Even the Olive Industry Is Falling Into This Trap!

A quick stop at a major chain store, which was originally started as a Whole Health Food store, really shocked us! When trying to purchase olives, we found they were all in sunflower oil!! There were no olives that were in olive oil! Why would olive farmers use sunflower oil?? Sunflower Oil is cheap!! That can be the only answer! What happened to quality and integrity in companies??

Seed Oils are a “new invention” that are typically very highly processed and hard to digest.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be processed, but we do not compromise there either!! Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is PURE and UNPROCESSED! Our health and your health is #1 and TOP PRIORITY. Since the beginning of time and we see all throughout the Bible, Olive Oil has been used and is known to improve health with all of its AMAZING benefits! We’ll share another article specifically on Extra Virgin Olive Oil and some on the dangers of seed oils too soon so be sure to check back!!

Yes, it really is true! Over 5x More Expensive!

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is completely pure and unprocessed and we pay dearly for it! It is a deep rich green olive color and has a strong olive oil smell! No processing at all! It is worth every penny in comparison with cheap seed oils that are over-processed and becoming known to cause health problems… Seed oils can cause inflammation in the body and lead to many severe health problems. With the various wars, it tends to always raise the price of ingredients, especially Olive Oil! We do our best to keep our prices low still and not raise our prices so you can still afford to eat healthy, but compromising ingredients IS NOT the answer! It is becoming more and more known, but why don’t more companies do anything about it??! Could the Almighty Dollar be more important than our health?? God has given us everything we need to be healthy if we choose the right foods and habits!!

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Love, the Brunos

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