Why Have It Baked For You?

Baked Just For You!… Why Order?

* Guarantee Freshness

How Long Does Bread Sit Before You Purchase It? Even with shipping time taken into consideration, you are still getting a MUCH BETTER and FRESHER loaf! 

OR Let’s Say you Get Your Bread Frozen…. How long has it been frozen… 2 months to a year before you received it…. 

When we ship or deliver locally you are getting the bread that was baked for you!

*Reduce Waste

How much Bread gets wasted after sitting on the shelf and waiting to sell???…

And especially how many preservatives are in that bread? If it can sit for a long time?

Or How Many Freezer Trucks have driven your bread from Bakery/Factory to Supermarket? 

When you order, your bread is baked FRESH and comes straight to you! 

*Save Time!

Of course we know you have a busy schedule! No time to bake… Let our family bake for your family! Know your Bakers and most of all KNOW WHAT’S IN YOUR BREAD! 

Ordering is quick and easy! We have a couple extra options to make it EASY!

*Call in or Place it Online!

*Download Our Fast App!

*Set Up A Recurring Order!

*Baked and Delivered Locally Within Hours 

Local Deliveries are made by us within hours of being baked! Our delivery range is very limited as we want to be sure it is fresh for you and we are the bakers so that’s what we love to do… is Bake!!!

*Or Shipped FedEx – Baked & Shipped Same Day! 

We let FedEx take care of it when it comes to shipping…. overall they are rated the fastest and that is essential to our baked goods… and they love to work with Small Businesses! 

Keep Track & Get Your Shipment Right Where You Need Them!

Sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager 



Order TODAY!



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