Why Our Family Won’t Use Natural Flavors Ever!

Why Would You Need to ADD Natural Flavors When Real Food Naturally Has SO MUCH Flavor?!

Do You Know What’s Really In Natural Flavors??

Gross Animal Waste?

Our family was shocked to find out recently from a doctor that Vanilla Flavoring is made from Beaver urine and other waste products, which is what compelled us to tell you all the reasons we already don’t use Natural Flavors! This fake Vanilla can also be made from cow dung as well! Many other “natural flavors” are made from intestines and other animal products. So gross! That’s definitely not something we want going in our bodies or yours!! 

Are They REALLY Natural When They Have A Chemical Structure?

These “natural flavors” will often have some solvent and preservatives that make up 80 to 90 percent of the ingredients. These include the cancer-causing chemical BHA, propylene glycol (also found in antifreeze), and GMOs. These chemical combinations are basically fragrances which are shockingly similar in chemical composition to the same ones used in cleaning products, perfumes, and cosmetics. 

What About Allergens?

Did you know that companies who use “Natural Flavors” are only required to disclose the top common allergens? This was a scary bit of information for families with food allergies!!

How Popular Are These Natural Flavors?

Did You Know “Natural Flavor” is now the fourth most common ingredient listed on food labels? They are especially popular in “sugar free” items along with the fake “chemical sugars”, which we avoid as well! 

The number one goal of these “natural flavors” is to make them addictive has been admitted by the scientists from one of the major players in the food flavoring world!! 

These Natural Flavors Cost Pennies Instead of Hundreds of Dollars for REAL Extracts!!

You’re Worth Every Penny It Takes to Use REAL!!

Our family does not and will not consume “Natural Flavors” of any sort neither will we ever use them in our bakery!! You have the right to KNOW what is in your food!! 



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