Why Sprouted Spelt Sourdough Is Optimal

Why Spelt?

 Heirloom Spelt is an ancient grain that dates way back in history and has a notably lower fructan (FODMAP) content than most modern wheat. and is also lower in gluten according to research. Spelt is typically recommended on Low Fodmap diets because it tends to be digested well and is quickly becoming popular for those with IBS, sensitivities, and other gut issues. Spelt is also naturally high in fiber, which so many of us are lacking!

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Spelt alone does not do the trick though…

You Need to Combine REAL Sourdough & Spelt!

It is becoming popular now that the lowest FODMAPs are in spelt using traditional REAL sourdough methods of bread making!! It is said that the long fermentation period the fermenting microorganisms such as the lactobacilli will use the FODMAPs in the spelt flour! This is why REAL Sourdough is so important!! 

But is that all?

SPROUTED!! Even Better!! 

So we’ve given you a few reasons Spelt Sourdough is awesome! How about combining Spelt & Sourdough & the awesome sprouting process? We’ve gone a step further in bringing you the Finest on Earth!! You’ll LOVE It! The sprouting process breaks down the starch in the grains, making them easier to digest. It pre-digests them for you! It also makes them higher in enzymes, which helps your body digest the food you eat. The particular enzymes phytase and amylase increase during sprouting! Sprouting is also described as turning a seed (grain) into a living plant (vegetable)! So much more nutrition and so easy to digest!! 

Try It Out!!

If you haven’t yet, try out our Sprouted Spelt Sourdough!! Now that is REAL Bread! A hearty flavor with so many health benefits!! 


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