Why We Are Now Shipping With FedEx


With no preservatives, our baked goods don’t last long. We want you to have as long to enjoy them as possible!
  1. FedEx delivers 7 days a Week to most areas of the US, which cuts weekend delays greatly!
  2. FedEx is faster in transit to our Flat Rate Ground Shipping areas!
  • Express Is Our Highest Recommended Service!

FedEx is guaranteeing Express Services, but UPS is not.
  • We Cannot Afford to Pay For Late Orders

We want to be able to guarantee 2 day Express shipping for you, but we cannot afford anymore to pay for late deliveries with no reimbursement from the shipper.
We are just a small business and baking high quality baked goods does not have a high profit margin or everyone would be doing it!
FedEx guarantees their 2 day Delivery!
  • Picture Proof of Delivery

This is what we did when we delivered, so we LOVE this new feature!
Please note: If FedEx needs special instructions or there are issues, please contact us.
Thank you so much for choosing our family’s bakery!! Have a heavenly day!
The Brunos

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