Why We LOVE the Strengthening Organic Act! We’re So Happy to be CERTIFIED ORGANIC

ORGANIC is our #1 Priority

Organic is the very minimum standard we take for our family’s food. Someone recently asked my brother, “Do you spend your money paying for Organic Food now instead of giving it all to the doctor later?” We are paying for more than food!! We are paying for our health!! God has given us our bodies to take care of them! We aren’t meant to be cut and pasted. We want to be healthy and whole!

So many companies are so quick to slander Organic for many reasons, but do you really know what Organic means??

  1. NO Pesticides!! Pesticides have been found to cause leukemia, lymphoma, many forms of serious cancers, birth defects, still birth, and many more complications in humans. They weaken the soft tissue in children causing cancer at young ages! We knew a farmer (we did not purchase from) who claimed Organic, but sprayed his crops and was not certified. His precious young boy died an hour after spraying his fields!! If chemicals are strong enough to kill insects, what do you think they are doing to you???? This is still allowed in “food”, but NOT Certified Organic!!
  2. Ever thought of eating sewer sludge from the city??? Bacteria and diseases from human waste being dumped on food for you – sounds delicious right? It really is so gross! My dad owned a trucking company many many years ago and hauled sewer sludge from the city to farms, where they grew crops for humans to eat!!! This was one of of our main turning points to our dedication to Certified Organic food for our family!
  3. Certified Organic does not allow radiation at all! Radiation is used to preserve food, but can alter the nutrient contents of some foods because it reduces the level of some of the B-group vitamins. It uses million times more powerful radiation than medical x-rays to break apart bacteria. It is said to create substances called “unique radiolytic products.” These include mutagens that can cause gene mutations – even as serious as preventing reproducing in human cells. Irradiation also forms toxic chemicals known or suspected to cause cancer and birth defects. In a study it even caused stunted growth in lab animals fed irradiated foods! What do you think it does to you??
  4. Chemical Seed Coating Something most people don’t think of, right?? Non-Organic seed companies take most of their seeds and put bright colorful chemical coatings on them to make them not germinate for a certain amount of weeks or to keep them from molding, which makes it more convenient for the farmers! The seeds are polluted with strong chemicals before the plant has even started growing!
  5. Glyphosate Herbicides Can Be Used in Non Certified Organic Foods! Organic bans these and our ingredients are actually tested to make sure there is no residue! Why? Many studies have showed risk of cancer, liver and kidney damage, and affected neuronal development in humans. It may also have consequences for mental health, including anxiety and depression, through alterations in the gut microbiome.
  6. No Artificial Colors, Flavors, or Preservatives in Organic!! Some of the most commonly used dyes are contaminated with known carcinogens (cancer causing substances). Artificial food colors are known to cause children such as, hypersensitivity, allergies, irritability, learning impairment, and aggressiveness. Save your children! Go Organic!!
  7. Organic is Regulated by Federal Law. Certified Organic operations are inspected and audited regularly. If companies truly have nothing to hide, they should never be afraid of inspections. We have been on both sides of Organic inspections, as both a food producer and for many years farmers. Our inspections go smoothly as everything is up-front and we truly believe in Organic! If companies are small, there are Cost Share programs in every state now to help with or completely pay the cost, so not being certified due to cost, is no true excuse!

Certified Organic foods must contain at least 95% organic ingredients and meet USDA organic production, handling, and labeling standards! Organic Certification Agencies, such as CCOF take a lot of diligence and work to make sure you really get 100% Organic food! This is so important to our family!

Did you know Natural and Regenerative labels have no guidelines, so can be anything the company determines is natural. This is apparent in “Natural” Flavors, which can contain some pretty gross ingredients! Read More Here!

What About “Better Than Organic”?

Our family’s opinion – Everyone should be Certified Organic if they want us to trust their food! We have questioned companies and farmers over the years for our family’s personal eating and found it best to stick with Certified Organic, especially when you find that their “Better Than Organic” is simply Non GMO or less! Was their produce, flour, or animal fed with sewer sludge, pesticides, chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, glyphosate residues, and if not – PROVE IT!! If companies are not under guidelines, they can add anything or switch out any ingredient – at any time to cut cost or fill in. Do you want to be eating food with NO STANDARDS!!!??? We Don’t!! We see the food producers doing anything to cut cost already, such as using Sunflower Oil in Olives instead of Olive Oil, filling our “food” with fillers and garbage, instead of using wholesome ingredients. Our food should be our medicine, not our death!!

The Gross Truth About Trusting Only Non GMO! What is Non GMO Missing from Organic? See Below!

Organic is Non GMO and More!!

The Strengthening Organic Enforcement Is the BEST Thing Organic Has Done!

This past year Organic has gotten even stronger! Unfortunately, there are always those companies trying to skim the rules and get away with as much as possible! Organic Certifiers have come together and made some awesome improvements to close any loopholes that can be gotten through!

  1. All suppliers must be certified, whether distributors or not, to remove chance of non-organic ingredients being contaminated with Organic.
  2. Importers documents have become stricter to make sure there is no chance of importing cross contamination.

We are so happy to be Certified Organic with CCOF – the strongest Organic certifier! We love their strict guidelines as this is truly what our family believes in! It’s for YOUR HEALTH and ours!!

We hope you truly enjoyed this article and will all make the decision to GO ORGANIC!!

Love, the Brunos

6 thoughts on “Why We LOVE the Strengthening Organic Act! We’re So Happy to be CERTIFIED ORGANIC

  1. Shelly Hansen says:

    I want to say thank you I only buy and cook organic products. I was so happy when I found your bakery your company is wonderful. I wish more people understood what happens when you buy the box products at the store in the bread on the shelves and wonder why they don’t feel good

    • Abigail Bruno says:

      You are so welcome!! Yes, unfortunately, it is so true! There is very little pure food that can be found on shelves in the store. That’s why our family makes all of our food and we are happy we can make your bread!! 🙂 It’s so important to know what we are eating!!

  2. Jeannette Emert says:

    I just want to congratulate you all for your organic certification. It’s a huge battle I wish we didn’t have to fight (as in this stuff should never have been allowed). Keep it up.

  3. Merry Sholes says:

    I’m so happy to hear this, you and your family are a God send!

    Just want you to know how much I love your products, and that I will keep ordering and spreading the word about you. ❤️

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