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Orders MUST Be Placed By Sunday at Midnight to be Baked & Shipped the Same Week!!!

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Please note: We are open 4 AM to 4 PM Sunday-Friday. If outside of business hours, please leave a message and we will respond. We do have limited internet access so emails are answered randomly.  

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Please note: This is estimated shipping time by FedEx. There is no guarantee on Ground transit times.

*Pink – 1 Day
* Light Blue – 2 Days
* Orange – 3 Days – We allow Ground shipping to some of this area, but recommend 2 day shipping!!!
* Lime Green – 4 Days – You MUST Choose Express!!

Free Local Shipping on Orders $35+
FedEx Ground Shipping Orders $59+ for Eastern/Midwest States
Flat Rate 2 DAY Shipping is Required for Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado** 

**2 Day Flat Rate Shipping is Offered at $14.99 for orders under $60 and $28.99 for orders over $60 and is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! Freshness Is EVERYTHING!! You Deserve the BEST!


Our Bread Freezes Very Well! We highly recommend freezing all of our baked goods.

Pasta, Granola, Croutons, Bread Crumbs can be stored in pantry. 

1. How FRESH Will My Order Be?
Baked within the same day of shipping!
YES! We Bake It JUST FOR YOU! 🙂 

2. What Are Your Baking/Shipping Days
Monday and Tuesday are our main baking/shipping days. 

3. What If I Am Not Home?
Your Box Will Be Left Where Your Usual Deliveries Are Made In The Safest Place Possible! Please Specify If You Have Suggestions!

4. How Long Does Your Bread Last?

This depends on the type! We recommend freezing your entire order upon receiving it and keeping in the refrigerator what you will be using within the next few days. 

Pasta, Granola, Bread Crumbs, Stuffing Mix, and Croutons do not have to be refrigerated and can be kept in the pantry.

5. Why Don’t You Sell In Most Grocery Stores?
We Are A Specialty Bakery With NO Preservatives! Our bread doesn’t last or belong in bread isles! We bake it Fresh JUST FOR Our Awesome Customers! 
This Helps Our Quality to Stay Great and You to Be Happy & Healthy With Our FRESH Bread! 🙂