Can I freeze my Order?

Frozen bread

You asked! Here’s the answer! 

Can I freeze my bread?

The answer – absolutely! That is entirely up to you!

As we all know, there isn’t anything better than Fresh Bread! ❤️ But, there may be a time when you want to keep that freshness in and really the Best way to do that is to freeze it! Very few have families as large as ours and we completely understand that it’s always nice to have a big variety in our bread. (That’s why we make so many kinds) We always want to keep a few different kinds on hand, and without preservatives, that would be difficult without the freezer! 😉 

What Is The Best Way to Freeze My Bread?

We recommend slipping it into another bag before freezing it! This will keep it from getting frosty ☃️ and help it to maintain its great taste and flavor! 

How Long Should I Keep It In The Freezer?

Of course that’s up to you! As we know food kept in the freezer will last almost indefinitely, but that doesn’t mean it will still keep the great flavor! …So for the optimum freshness we recommend less than a month. 

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