Fun Facts Our Family LOVES About Sourdough!

We all know Health fads come and go… But what about REAL Sourdough??

First, you must KNOW it is REAL Sourdough before choosing yours!

1. Sourdough is the old-fashioned way to make bread. Did you know before fast machines and bread factories, bread was made with a starter? The long process this takes wouldn’t work for factories, but it does work better for our bodies!! That is why our family chooses the long way! We want our food REAL, just how God intended!

2. Sourdough is easier to digest, which has been said by many natural doctors as well as our customers. Our family finds this as well. Because of the long process of REAL Sourdough, it breaks down the gluten making REAL Sourdough easier on the digestive system. 

3. Sourdough has 0 Grams of Sugar!! YES, you heard that right!! We have many customers who are diabetics, cancer patients, and others who are watching their sugar intake. Our real sourdough works well for them and we are so happy to make it for them also! 

4. Sourdough is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!! YES, there is no better treat than a toasted piece of REAL Sourdough… and What Makes the BEST Grilled Cheese… Real Sourdough!!

Please note: This is only our family’s opinion and is not intended to treat, prevent, or cure any disease. Please consult your doctor, if in question as to whether our REAL Sourdough will work for you!!

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