Is All Spelt Whole Grain? A Customer Inquiry.

A question from a customer….

Let’s first confirm, ALL of our Spelt products are 100% Sprouted Spelt and REAL Sourdough as well to bring you the BEST possible!

Is this the case of all Spelt?….

Is ALL Spelt Whole Grain??

The answer is NO! Most consumers choose Spelt to the fact of its amazing benefits and assume it is 100% whole grain. Just like wheat products, all Spelt is NOT whole grain. It’s easy to make Spelt Bread or other Spelt products from White Spelt, but is that what you want?

A Baker’s Fact: By removing the bran from flour, it generally does raise the gluten levels making the bread hold together and rise faster.

A note from the Pros:

A bakery specialist visited our bakery and he concluded our Sprouted Spelt Sourdough is an impossible bread to make because spelt is low in gluten and if you add the Sprouting process to that, it becomes even lower. Plus our Spelt products are REAL Sourdough as well. AND we add absolutely no binders at all! He was clearly shocked at the results of our Beautiful 100% Sprouted Spelt Sourdough!

Yes, our Spelt products may be heavier in comparison to other Spelt products with White Spelt, Sugar, Yeast, dough conditioners, etc, but we LOVE hearing the awesome stories from our customers who can enjoy our Spelt as their only bread!! That really makes our day! And check out our reviews, it truly is a DELICIOUS bread too!! We even have some kids that are fans!!


We love baking for you! If you ever have any questions, please contact us anytime!! 🙂

Love, the Brunos

I order sprouted spelt sourdough bread every month from Bread of Heaven. It is so tasty and really has helped my digestive issues!”

Sherry K.

“Bought this for my VERY picky grandbaby, who’s diet I’m desperately trying to keep as clean as possible. Good spelt products are hard to come by, but she absolutely loves this one! Thank you so muchxo” 

Starr M.

“It is getting eaten fast! This bread is exactly what I was looking for to support my FODMAP diet restrictions. Great taste and exceptional customer service too! Thank you!”

Dawn P.

“Me and my boyfriend love this bread! I can’t really eat wheat or other grains and couldn’t eat bread. This is the only one I eat and I’m so happy I can implement bread in my diet again. We usually make it with butter spreads and fruits or in his case with avocado and veggies. We have been ordering it for almost a year now. I can’t live without my spelt bread lol, I hope they keep making and selling it!”

Olga T.



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