What’s Hidden In Your Bags? Shocking Facts About Bags Used to Package Food!

When We Choose Our Food, It Is So Important We Check All the Ingredients On the Label Right?!

Yes, we do!! This is so important AND watch out for hidden ingredients like Natural Flavors, etc… But there is something you may not have thought about…

Are There Really Preservatives In Bags??

We have been persistently contacted by a company who makes bags that will keep your food fresh longer. Sounds good right?? Maybe not!!!!! We said absolutely not!!!!


Natural Flavors In Bags, REALLY??

Yes, it is really true! Quoted from the company who makes the bags is the following:

It has been used for many years in baking as a natural flavor…. Since it is not added to the food, it is not considered one of the ingredients, but a processing aid. 

This means it is not listed on the labels!! You would never know!!!…

Once you place the bread in the bag, the moisture in the bread swells a humidity barrier created in our packaging which then starts releasing the vapor. It permeates the mold spore….

These so called “Natural Flavors” can be in your bags, releasing themselves right into your food and you don’t even know it! Check Out Our Articles On Just How Gross These “Natural Flavors” Really Are!!

Why Our Family Won’t Use Natural Flavors Ever!

Our Flavor Comes From Being REAL, Not Fake Flavors!

This is worse than hidden ingredients! Next time you don’t know how that preservative free food item can be lasting so long without a natural form of preserving like freezing, think twice!! AND Before purchasing, ask questions…

It’s SO IMPORTANT to KNOW YOUR BAKERS & Who Makes Your Food!!

We encourage as many questions as you’d like!! We are fully transparent on all of our ingredients!! Everything listed is what we use!! Just a few quality ingredients!! There is NO Hidden 7% here!! Check Out Our Blog On This!

What’s the Hidden 7%? Why Our Family Has NO Hidden Ingredients

Our family believes firmly in only giving the BEST! This is why we offer you ONLY the same quality our family eats!! You deserve it!

Please reach out to us with any questions, anytime!! We are thankful to be your bakers!


The Brunos

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