What’s the Difference In Our Blueberry Pies?

Fresh REAL Blueberries

Our pies are full of whole Blueberries. That’s right!! No premade fillings ever! We start from the REAL fruit with a few simple ingredients added to make our awesome Beautiful Blueberry Pie!!

Sweetened with Date Syrup!

 There’s no added Sugar in our pies!! We use only nutrient-dense Date Syrup in our  Blueberry Pie giving it the perfect sweetness without being too sweet! You’ll love the REAL homemade taste!!  

NO Natural Flavors

Did you know that Natural Flavors go through the same process as Artificial flavors in being created?? These natural flavors are everywhere, but not ever in our bakery!! You can enjoy the REAL flavor of Fresh Fruit in our pies!!


Yes, you heard that right!! Each pie is carefully hand latticed to bring you not only the most delicious, but also the most BEAUTIFUL pie! Our pies are the perfect fit when you need dessert for guests!

Don’t Miss Out!! Order YOUR Pie TODAY!!

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